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How to buy fresh cosmetics and keep them long?

Before shopping, in perfumery

Cosmetics dry out, oxidize and undergo various biochemical factors on a shelf in perfumery.

  • Do not buy cosmetics from display windows exposed to the sun. Sunlight damages cosmetics. The packagings heat up which speeds up aging, color cosmetics fade and lose their intensity.
  • Do not buy cosmetics placed close to the light source. Strong light such as halogen heats cosmetics. If the storage temperature is too high, the products go bad quickly. They may not be suitable for use even though the production date is still fresh. If you are buying in a self-service shop, you can check the temperature by touching the product. If it is warm, it may already be spoiled, even before use.
  • Do not buy withdrawn cosmetics. If the seller advises you to purchase an older, 'better' version of cosmetic, check the production date.

After shopping, at home

  • Keep your cosmetics in a cool, dry place. Heat and moisture damage cosmetics.
  • Use clean hands, brushes, and spatulas. The bacteria transferred to the cosmetic packaging can lead to the early cosmetic rottenness.
  • Always keep your cosmetic containers tightly closed. Cosmetics that are not properly closed or opened dry out and oxidize.

Expired cosmetics

  • Do not exceed the period after opening. Old cosmetics can contain harmful microbes. The microbes can cause irritation, redness, rashes, and infections.
  • Expired but unused. Some manufacturers inform that their cosmetics will not hurt after the expiry date. However, we recommend you to be careful. Use common sense, if your cosmetic smells bad or looks suspiciously, it will be better not to use it.
  • Perfumes with alcohol. Manufacturers usually recommend 30 months of use after the opening. At the room temperature, you can store them for 5 years after the manufacture date, but you can keep them longer when you store them in a cool place.